The payment should be done in two steps:

  • Registration fees should be payed between abstract confirmation and May 31th 2016 to the SA ESPCI, using the online payment form.. The fulfillment of this payment step will validate the registration up to the allowed maximum of 75 participants.
  • Lodging fees (including lunches and coffee breaks) should be payed on-site to the IESC

Registration fees

Registration fees are:

  • For PhDs/post-docs: 540 € (incl. taxes)
  • For Academic attendees: 660 € (incl. taxes)
  • For industrial participants: 840 € (incl. taxes)

Which include:

  • Participation to the whole workshop
  • Transportation from and to Ajaccio airport (official shuttle bus only)
  • Workshop dinner
  • Please note that lodging is not included in the fees.

We are currently looking for other sponsors. Depending on the fundraising, some grants will be available (later announcement).

Lodging fees

  • Shared room : 533.81 €
  • Individual room(*): 656.33 €

Lodging fees include lunches and coffee breaks during the lecture days.

(*) Some individual room can be given on request with clear justification. In any case, sharing a room with somebody not registered in the school is strictly forbidden and will lead to an exclusion from the school

Extra fees

On top of this, count around 250€ for dinners and breakfasts taken in the village or less if prepared in the apartments.